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Tal Alon has been working as a senior consultant and group analyst for more than 20 years with leaders in the private sector and in Israel’s civil society (leaders from polarized groups representing the Israeli "whole"). She has an MA in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University and extensive experience working in global companies, as well as an independent consultant in Israel. Her vast experience in leading professional teams in various cultural environments includes consulting, teaching, supervising, and coaching individuals through personal and professional development and transformation processes. After more than eight years as a senior consultant and a board member at the IDF’s (Israel Defence Forces) Leadership Development School, Tal served for more than 12 years as a Corporate Organizational Development in leading high-tech companies. For several years Tal was a faculty instructor at Tel Aviv University and served as a Change Management Practice Manager and a senior instructor in an Executive Development Program at The Institute for Quality Leadership. In 2010 she established an independent consultancy firm.  She is also part of Group Relations programs faculty, facilitating groups in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and international conferences. Tal is a former Chairwoman of ’Besod Siach’ Association (“the Enigma of Dialogue”), an Israeli NGO promoting of dialogue between conflict groups in Israel, and she currently serves as the Chairwomen of The Israeli Association of Group Psychoanalysis.  
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Akwe Amosu is the Chief Integration Officer at the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a large philanthropy that aims to advance participatory, inclusive societies that respect human rights and freedoms, protect minorities, and hold their governments accountable. Akwe’s role faces inward, helping OSF’s multiple offices, programs, and foundations become a stronger, more integrated network, and advancing collaboration. Akwe works to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture at OSF through multiple initiatives, encouraging mutual curiosity, empathy and insight among constituencies and identities across several geographic locations. She supervises several of OSF’s thematic programs, supporting directors to advance their strategies and solve personnel and operational challenges.  Prior to her present role, Akwe led OSF’s Africa Regional Office, which is responsible for the strategic direction, operational support, and advocacy for the Open Society Foundations’ work in Africa. Akwe worked for over 20 years as an editor and journalist at the BBC World Service, the Financial Times, and West Africa magazine, later joining in 2000 as that site’s founding executive editor and leading its news coverage for four years. Before joining OSF in 2006, she worked in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as head of communication at the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Africa. Akwe is Nigerian/British and lives in New York.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Jeffrey Axelbank, Psy.D. is a psychologist working for over 25 years in both clinical and organizational consulting roles. He has worked with companies and organizations struggling with conflicts between subgroups, such as between law firm partners and associates and between Attending and Resident physicians. He has also helped family businesses clarify goals and strategic plans, and large pharmaceutical companies plan for plant closings in a way that minimizes disruption to employees. Through a variety of consultations, he focuses on underlying dynamics to find the most sensible path forward, which might not be obvious when looking at the surface. In particular, Dr. Axelbank enjoys large group, whole system interventions involving multiple stakeholder groups, using such methods as Future Search, Open Space, and World Café.   His previous training as a consultant was in the Organization Program at the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology. Jeff was named 2011 Psychologist of the Year by the New Jersey Psychological Association, and was awarded the prestigious Peterson Prize in 2013 by the Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology for “outstanding contributions to professional psychology.” Jeff serves on the Board of The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations. 
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Dawn Oxenaar Barrett is a US based design strategist and consultant who has lived and worked in The Netherlands in the visual arts, leadership and higher education. As an independent consultant she provides strategic advising and executive coaching for research universities, liberal arts colleges and cultural institutions here and abroad. Her appointments in higher education and administration include: President, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) Boston; Dean of Architecture + Design, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence; and Head of the Department of Design, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Barrett's orientation to organization design has been formed through many years of work in accreditation, originally as an evaluator for the American Landscape Association Accreditation Board (LAAB), and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) and subsequently serving on NASAD's Commission on Accreditation. She has also served on the Boards of: Penland School of Craft, NC; The Charles Nyples Foundation, Maastricht; and the Design Museum Foundation, Boston.

Barrett's critical writing connects the disciplines of visual culture and history, and has appeared in: Zed, Visible Language, the Dutch journal Archis, and the UK philosophical journal, Parallax. Barrett is the editor of the book 'Interface: An Approach to Design', by Gui Bonsiepe (1998, Maastricht) in 2008 she produced and co-edited the publication: 'Infinite Radius: Founding Rhode Island School of Design'.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Gabriela Barrial is a psychologist, leadership development & change consultant and coach. 
Her practice is informed from psychoanalysis and a good enough corporate experience in Advertising & Media and Financial Services industries, in Learning & Development, Sales & Marketing, HR management and business where she helped people to develop their leadership skills. With over 20 years of experience in private practice, coaching, consulting and training in Argentina, UK, Switzerland and Latin America she interacts with global and regional teams. 

She is the Academic Director of the ‘Organizational Change and Transformation’ executive program at the UTDT Business School (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) and a Professional Partner of The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. She is co-author of the “Global Leadership Perspectives” book with other 36 countries. She practices Iyengar yoga. She has  a BA in Psychology, Universidad de Buenos Aires, a certification in Leading Change in Complex Organizations, MIT Sloan School of Management, a Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change, and an Ontological Coaching Certification with Newfield Consulting.   
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Ute Bock is an insurance and brokerage executive based in Switzerland. She has more than 25 years of corporate experience with relevant industry certifications and accreditations. Since 2009 she is as area manager responsible for the Management of Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance related issues of a global corporate in the Automotive Sector. She is a graduate of the Consulting and Coaching for Change programme of the University of Oxford (UK) and HEC (Paris, France).

Ute is an independent consultant since 2005, where she combines analytical skills and her experience with the human element in situations of risk with her passion for social dynamics. Her corporate background stimulated her curiosity and continued research about the dynamics of interactions in long term change processes. As a coach she uses her expertise and high quality standards to facilitate people’s development by building on their capabilities and insights, so they are well equipped to operate in turbulent conditions and to reinforce continuous change.


Ute lives in Lugano, Switzerland and is bilingual in German and English. She is an avid traveler, story teller, and a member of The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations as well as the Change Leaders – a global community of practice.  

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Susanne Broeng is an organisational consultant, external lecturer at Aalborg University and has worked as an executive coach and organisational consultant for more than 30 years in both public and private sector, as board member and has been writing several books and articles.


She is educated as Ph.D. and Cand. scient. soc. at Aalborg University, as a psychotherapist at the Kempler Institute of Scandinavia (KI) and as group organisational consultant at the Institute of Group Analysis, Aarhus (IGA), and I am certified as European (ECP) and World psychotherapist (WCP) by the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP). In 2020 Susanne was certified by Dynamics of Consulting, CFAR by Larry Hirshhorn in New York.


Recent consultancy projects include the design and delivery of leadership coaching, coaching in change processes and training employees and leaders in their organisational roles. In my work she focuses on relational competences by working as an experienced facilitator, regularly providing support for teams under pressure and as president and member of the teacher team at the Institute of Group Analysis in Aarhus, Denmark. International she is a member of OPUS – An Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society and ISPSO – the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations.

Eric Buehrens is a consultant and senior advisor to healthcare and higher education, and Instructor in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health. He has been an executive in academic medicine for twenty years, serving as Executive Dean for Administration at Harvard Medical School, Deputy Provost for Administration at Harvard University, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and as EVP and COO of Reliant Medical Group, a multi-specialty group practice organization with significant managed care expertise. He has led strategic planning processes for large institutions as an executive and consultant, sponsored many patient safety and continuous improvement initiatives in healthcare, and is deeply committed to building learning organizations. He provides consultation and executive coaching to leadership teams in these areas. Eric is a graduate of Harvard College. He began his professional career in state government, played a key role in the cleanup of Boston Harbor, and worked in the private sector as a developer of privately built, financed and operated environmental infrastructure projects in the US and abroad. He advises a number of startup companies in the healthcare area. He serves on the Boards of Directors of the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems, a non-profit organization devoted to understanding the dynamics of authority and the role of leadership in group process, and of the Lean Enterprise Institute, which educates, advocates and consults on Lean management and continuous improvement.
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Elane Cabral ​is a psychologist and has been working as a business consultant for over 20 years. During all that time, she has advised a wide range of small and mid-companies in Brazil’s Northeast. Management and governance consultancy with a focus on supporting business families and family businesses’ development has been the centre of her work. Fascinated with processes of change moved by individual and group’s potential, her work has been strongly oriented towards deepening understandings and negotiating agreements among members of the family and/or the business, mainly in a context of generational transition. The work experience with family enterprises in the last two decades has convinced her that many business/family issues are hard to be addressed by the traditional management theories. Seeking answers in interdisciplinarity, she has been inspired by psychodynamic and change management approaches, which provide plenty of resources to a more effective contribution to her clients. Co-founder of AJA Gestão & Governança, a 16-year consultancy company, she has recently taken part in an educational enterprise for business families - Escola F. She also finds time to participate as Technical Director of Projeto RUMO, an initiative that produces knowledge, shares experience and builds up networks of professionals interested in the governance and family business fields.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Adrienne Candy leads an Organizational Development Practice, specializing in Leadership through Change and Transition, providing a thinking environment to clients that enables them to constantly develop successful responses to the challenges of Change.

With a background in Science (BSc) and Marketing Strategy, as well as international qualifications in Group (psycho)Analysis (M.Sc), she is currently Executive and Team Coach to the McKinsey/Marketing Academy Fellowship programme in the US and EMEA regions.

Over 25 years work experience (with SME’s and global Corporates) has given her a breadth of experience, valued by Boards, CEO’s and Senior Executives whose job it is to deliver results, regardless of market conditions, economies or even pandemics.

Clients who have engaged Adrienne to help them ‘Align’ as a Board’, ‘Develop as a Team’, 'Be More Effective as a Professional’ increasingly report that they are thinking more clearly, noticing more opportunities, building more enduring professional relationships and enjoying the challenge of change more than ever.

They are all surprised by her central focus on the Body, as integral to growing their capacity to being a clear, inspirational and generative leader. After all, living our lives in a human body means that, before any other groups we are part of, we are subject to the laws of the animal kingdom; herein lies our capacity for limitless growth.

Creatively, Adrienne is a member of several choral groups, choirs and jamming groups - finding singing to be a means of expression that conveys a powerful and inspiring energy on both singer and listener. Occasionally there arises the opportunity to include this in her work; mostly it is for the opportunity to express what cannot always be described in words - the Intuitive Self.

(Cohort 4: 2021)


Jacqueline Cohen is a commercially-minded, experienced organization development consultant, executive coach and facilitator who helps leaders and teams to align their efforts with a clearly defined purpose to achieve performance goals. Working predominantly in the Financial Services sector for the past 13 years across a range of business functions and geographies, Jacqui has become a respected partner for senior business leaders on matters relating to organizational design, transformation, joint ventures, business acquisitions, culture change, talent development and operational efficiency. 


Jacqui is deeply committed to building the self-regulatory capability of systems. She approaches her work with honesty, through a systems-psychodynamic lens, using process consultation and creative interventions to fuel sustainable change for her clients. She has a depth of capability in leadership development, working with individuals and groups to awaken authentic leadership given their background, role and context, and facilitates bespoke leadership programs for rising and experienced leaders. Jacqui also coaches a range of leaders from CEOs of social enterprise businesses to executive leadership teams of Investment Banking businesses. Committed to the “two-task” model of consulting and coaching, Jacqui is an engaging facilitator with a deep commitment to helping organizations through their leaders to keep themselves honest and commit to their essential intent.


Jacqui has an MSc in Organizational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics & Political Science. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute, Middlesex University, recently completed the EMCC accredited Tavistock Executive Coaching Program, is an Accredited Analytic-Network Coach and is a member of the Association for Coaching.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Tina Colton has spent the past 20 years advising top organizations on how to effectively drive real change. Drawing from her doctoral work on learning, leadership and transformation at Columbia University, and her experience as a global executive coach and leadership development consultant, Tina has supported clients in effectively addressing such issues as retaining talent in the midst of downsizing, rapid growth, and market turns, leaders “walking the talk,” and empowering woman leaders. As a former Director of Learning and Development at Fidelity Investments, Tina brings first-hand management experience to her leadership consulting work with senior executives from around the world. Through her consulting work she has worked with leading firms in financial services, retail, ecommerce, marketing, health care, and public service organizations including:   Facebook, eBay, Nike, Paypal, WPP, McKinsey Consulting, and the BBC.

Tina holds  a doctorate in adult learning from Columbia University and an MBA from Northeastern University.
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Dave Cooper was born and raised in Manheim, PA. In 1987 he earned a BS (emphasis in Molecular Biology) and entered the military that same year specifically to become a US Navy SEAL. During his 25-year career, Dave spent nearly nineteen of those at the prestigious Naval Special Warfare Development Group, conducting combat operations throughout Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Dave’s early operational history includes deployments in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. In 1993, he was selected for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. From 1994 to 2012, he completed dozens of deployments, both in and out of major theaters of war, to include

such places as Haiti, Bosnia, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq. He has led extensively in combat at all levels and has executed missions spanning the full gamut of Naval Special Warfare capabilities.

From September 2009 to September 2011, Dave served as the Command Master Chief (the senior SEAL Operator and principal advisor to the Commanding Officer) of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. During his tenure, the Naval Special Warfare Development Group successfully executed some of the most significant Special Operations missions in the history of the U.S. Military. In a role that took him from the battlefield one minute to the interagency boardroom the next, Dave’s influence, interpersonal skills and leadership were instrumental to the unparalleled success of this elite unit.

For his distinguished service, Dave was awarded numerous unit and personal awards, to include a Silver Star, 6 Bronze Stars with “V” devices, 2 Distinguished Meritorious Service Medal, 2 Meritorious Service Medals, 4 Presidential Unit Citations and numerous other joint and individual awards. But as he proudly notes: Every medal we wear on our chests belongs in no small part to our teammates, because it’s from our teammates—and for them—that we draw our measure of courage.

Dave is the founder of Verge, a boutique coaching and consulting company whose mission blends the profound experiences and lessons learned from the special operations arena with such diverse disciplines as complexity science and psychology to form a unique brand of organizational health consulting and coaching. Dave earned his master’s degree at the University of Oxford and HEC (Paris). He is featured in the best-selling book The Culture Code along with some of the most innovative business leaders and researchers in the U.S and has consulted on organizational health initiatives with Fortune 100 and 500 clients, from major oil and gas companies to nimble startups and tech firms. He is married to the inimitable Ms. Sonia Cooper, the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Sentara Princess Anne Hospital. The couple has 3 boys, ages 15, 12, and 8.

(Cohort 4: 2021)


Ricardo Czikk is a psychologist (Buenos Aires University, Argentina - 1983) with an MA degree in Education (Hebrew University, Israel - 1990). After a long time working professionally with the Jewish Community and as a freelance trainer for many local companies, he was recruited as Corporate HR Talent Manager in 1998 by a big media company in Argentina—13 business units and 16,000 employee). After some time, Ricardo's role grew considerably, and he became an internal consultant involved in M&A and in the cultural turnaround of the Bus. Besides his full-time position, he found the time to teach at local universities—like the Buenos Aires University, and to work as a consultant for a family-owned pharmaceutical company, where he has been working for almost 14 years, a very long case study still developing.

Now, after quitting his management duties, he is devoted both to consultancy with small and midsize companies, and to helping HR departments as an expert in talent assessment, based on Requisite Organization concepts and tools. According to colleagues and clients, he is good at teaching and at facilitating group processes. Ricardo hopes that by taking part in this program, he will be recognized as a better consultant as well.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Christine Dawood is a trustee of The Dawood Foundation, member of the board of governors of

Beaconhouse National University and founder of Next Step Now Ltd, a UK based professional

development consultancy.

She has over 20-years of work experience across a range of sectors, including retail, textiles,

engineering, agriculture, consultancy, mental health, training- and development and change


Owing to her German heritage in conjunction with her entrepreneurial work in Pakistan and

Singapore for over a decade, she developed a wide understanding of the many nuances in cultures

as well as individual’s behaviors and found an appreciation and fascination for those differences.

This skill is especially helpful when analyzing organizational climates when there is a need of


She holds an Executive Master’s degree in 'Consulting & Coaching for Change’ from University of

Oxford's Saïd Business School and HEC Paris, an MSc. in Occupational & Business Psychology,

from Kingston University, London and a BA in Textile Engineering from Reutlingen University. She

is an certified member of the International Coaching Federation ICF, the International Society for

Coaching Psychology ISCP, the British Psychological Society BPS and the Association for Business

Psychology apb. Apart from her mother tongue German, she is fluent in English and has basic

communication skills in Urdu.


Dirk De Proost co-founded the European Partner Group (EPG) in 2004, an alliance of boutique strategy practices across Europe. His clients are mostly in the broad transport & logistics space. He sees the essence of his work as discovering - jointly with his clients - the full range of options that exists, helping them choose and supporting them in execution. In particular he enjoys bringing together a diverse set of players, with joint as well as conflicting interests, around common aspirations. 

Prior to EPG he worked for 13 years with Oliver Wyman, a strategy consulting firm. Between 1990 and 2003 he worked out of OW’s Boston, London and Frankfurt offices. Before that he was a staff member of a Southeast Asian organization designed to foster regional cooperation in transportation, with Kuala Lumpur as his  home base between 1984 and 1989. 

Dirk holds a BA in Applied Economics from the Catholic University Louvain, Belgium; an MBA from Cornell, and an Exec MSc in Consulting and Coaching for Change from Oxford/HEC.   
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Joanne Derr is an executive coach, facilitator, and an expert in leadership transitions. She has 25 years of executive experience advising science and technology leaders as well as leaders of large public and global technology companies, healthcare institutions, and public sector organizations. Joanne consults with high potential leaders and their teams, bringing a rich combination of strategic agility, content expertise, and outcome orientation to her clients. Her direct and collaborative style supports her clients in creating noticeable and lasting change and success.


Prior to managing her own business, Joanne was a Human Resources executive, leading multifunctional and diverse organizations and leadership development at, Neighborhood Health Plan, and UMass Medical School. Managing global teams, Joanne headed leadership development at Nortel Networks/Bay Networks where she was a key leader of merger and acquisition teams. Joanne started her HR career at Digital Equipment Corporation and earned her master’s in counseling from Boston University.


Joanne is an active member of The Boston Club where she co-chairs the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, a long-time personal commitment and core piece of her HR work. She moderates a weekly group for Senior Human Resources leaders in transition, is a board member of Torchlight Care, and is a founding member of the Westford Committee for Non-Violence. An Institute of Coaching Fellow and a certified professional coach, Joanne is skilled in numerous assessment tools and 360’s with a particular focus on assessing and building executive presence.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Barry Dornfeld is a Principal at CFAR and a strategic advisor to organizations in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, with expertise in organizational change, culture, strategy, and governance. He draws on his many years of consulting, teaching, and industry experience to help guide clients through complex business issues, develop strategies for change, and to learn from their experience. Barry also teaches extensively, leading workshops on negotiation, board governance, strategy, influence and persuasion, and organizational change, and leading action-learning programs in the US and internationally. Barry's experience as an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker trained him to listen, observe, and ask questions, so that he can work with executives in ways that are attuned to their needs, culture, and learning styles, and that help them reach their business goals. Barry is co-author of The Moment You Can’t Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future, published by PublicAffairs Books in October 2014. Barry holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology and Economics from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in Communication from the Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania, and has been a faculty member at New York University and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Gerard Drenth has more than twenty years’ experience in strategy at global businesses.  He is an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where he teaches strategy and scenario planning on the EMBA Program, on Diploma programs, and on executive education program.  He is also a Senior Partner and Managing Director at NormannPartners, an international consulting firm that focuses on innovation, strategy and scenarios.  His experience with scenarios and business innovation engagements includes those for clients in finance, energy, construction, education, regulation and mining. Before joining NormannPartners in 2011 Gerard worked for Morgan Stanley, as Vice President in its European Strategy Group and in its Investment Management business. From 1990 until 2004, Gerard was with Shell in a variety of roles including five years as the Scenario Manager in the scenario team in London. Gerard holds an Executive MBA (London Business School) and an MSc in Computer Science and Econometrics from the VU University in Amsterdam. Gerard lives in London. 
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Michal Elazar is an organizational consultant and an executive coach in private practice, who works internationally across all industries. She has over 30 years of executive experience providing professional consultation and coaching services in diverse sectors in Israel and abroad while working with CEO’s as well as top and mid-level management.

Advising: business, government, academic & technology leaders in start ups, large global companies, and public sector organizations.

She is an expert in leadership, high-performance teams, team dysfunction, and leading through change and uncertainty – with an emphasis on quality, high professional standards, and strict client confidentiality. Her main goal is to supports her clients in creating noticeable and lasting change and success.

Michal was the Co-Founder of a leading OD company in Israel for over 15 years and has held her private practice for the past 10 years.

Michal has an M.A from Tel Aviv University, and was an intern at the Counseling Center at Princeton University, NJ, USA. She holds Coaching accreditation from Adair International Leadership Institution (U.K).

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Karen Ericksen is an executive coach with over twenty-five years business experience in corporate environments and professional services. She presently coaches emerging and senior leaders in various global organizations as well as designs and facilitates leadership and team development programs for multi-cultural groups around the world. Karen’s key focal areas are women’s leadership, creating trust based collaborative partnerships and team development. 

During her first career in technology marketing, she worked for Apple Computer in California and Australia and then consulted independently to technology companies in Colorado. Karen lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, is a graduate of Williams College and has an M.B.A. from Stanford University. 
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Tatiana Ezhova is a coach and organizational consultant. As a consultant Tatiana develops multi-format corporate management and leadership programs as well as implementation of changes for top management and mid-level executives. She has worked with Russian corporations in different industries including: finance, FMCG, hard manufacture (coal, oil), food manufacture, telecom etc.


Tatiana is an Associated Member of CIPD and a member of ISPSO. She regularly participates in the ESMT coaching colloquium (Germany). Tatiana is the author of the case in Executive Coaching  (Korotov and Bernhardt, 2018). Since 2020 Tatiana leads the practical seminar “Business’s Psychodynamic” for the Master’s Program “Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting” at the High School of Economics (Russia).


In her non-profit work Tatiana is member of the board of Women Corporate Clubs (Russia). This organization helps to collaborate women’s clubs of corporations, and provides research and activities related to Diversity and Inclusions agenda. 


Prior to managing her own consulting practice, Tatiana was a learning manager of EMBA & MBA Moscow School of Management ‘SKOLKOVO’ and a Human Resources expert. As a Human resource expert, she leads transformational and effectiveness improvement projects. She also has been responsible for coaching support of the personal development program Forbes Ontology and leads the “Building Effective Teams” practice in High School of Economics.


Her fundamental education is in sociology. In addition, she holds a Master’s in International Human Resources Management (Kingston Business School) as well as in Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting (High School of Economics). In 2019 Tatiana started her PhD research “Emotional barriers to feedback perception” (Vrije University, Amsterdam Business Research Institute).


Tatiana loves kitesurfing and every year travels and opens new kitesurfing’s spots. She enjoys studying group relations processes, participating time to time in group relations conferences.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Mônica Fix is a founding partner of Kampas where she works in partnership with Toya Lorch as Organization Clinical Psychologist. She is also on the Executive Coaches team at INSEAD (2011). Before Kampas, she run her own consultancy firm Adduo Coaching e Consultoria (2005). Through Executive, Career, Team or Group Coaching and Consultancy, Kampas provides support to leaders (executives and/or entrepreneurs), teams and organizations to navigate through change processes. The approach to clients takes into consideration personal needs, the business context and how they are related. Mônica is psychologist (1989), has specialization in psychoanalysis (1993) and holds a degree in Clinical Organizational Psychology from INSEAD (2004) as well as an Executive Master's in Consulting and Coaching for Change (2013) from the same institution. Prior to the moving to consultancy, Mônica worked at companies such as ABN Amro Real, Citibank, Hoechst and Mappin Telecom. 
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Carey Gallagher, Principal, CFAR, is skilled at analyzing organizational dilemmas in complex environments in ways that help people discover common interests, communicate more effectively, and work collaboratively on shared interests. She applies her previous experience in nonprofit development to help leaders more effectively use the positive powers of persuasion and influence to achieve transformative organizational goal. Carey has more than 10 years of experience serving businesses and healthcare, community, cultural, and educational organizations both within firms and organizations and as a consultant. She is an executive board member of the American College of Healthcare Executives Delaware Valley chapter (HLNDV) and serves as an Advisor to the Management Consulting program for the Fox School of Business at Temple University. She has recently published articles about interprofessional collaboration in healthcare in the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly and a report on increasing the effectiveness of small-scale interventions in the Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center. 
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Corina Grace has been a senior OD consultant, Psychologist, Lecturer and Group Analyst with senior leadership experience for over 25 years and has a proven track record in designing and implementing major organisational change projects. She advises and consults with senior managers on role redesign, performance management and the recruitment, retention and development of high potentials. She has created coaching programmes for senior executives in areas such as Leadership, Managing Change, and Enhancing Performance through Open Dialogue. She has also designed major leadership and culture change initiatives in the Pharmaceutical, Technology, Financial, Health, Not for Profit, and Public sectors and she is a member of a number of coaching academies. Corina published a book entitled ‘Take Charge of Your Career and Find a Job You Really Love!’, speaks at conferences on Leadership & Talent Development, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence and Change Management, has contributed to newspaper and journal articles on these topics and has been a guest psychologist on radio. Corina is a Practice Director with Waverley Learning (UK) and co-facilitates their highly successful Executive Leadership & Culture Change programmes. She holds a number of lecturing positions in Ireland’s top universities including UCD where she lectures in the Quinn business school and was the lead designer of their personal and professional development course programme for their business students. She is also part of the MSc in Guidance Counselling faculty in DCU. 

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Ken Green has deep expertise in sales strategy and revenue development, business development, relationship management and operations. He has had a successful career in both digital and traditional media as well as online travel and commerce. Ken co-founded “Fuel” in 2012, a consulting group rooted in digital media with a strong focus on revenue strategies, implementation, product development, and audience growth. Fuel’s client engagements range from Fortune 200 media houses to second stage growth companies, all seeking to strengthen their business models and sales execution. More recently, Fuel has been working with clients on organizational health as it relates to revenue generation and growth. 

Prior to co-founding Fuel, Ken was the Chief Revenue Officer at Luxury Link Travel Group. Before that he held several executive positions in advertising sales and marketing at NY Times Digital and was a founding member of the Executive Team. Ken also held several senior positions in both the advertising sales and financial groups at The New York Times Newspaper Group. Ken has also earned a Masters of Business Administration at Hofstra University and is a CPA
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Kara Hayward is a member of the team at Incandescent, where she helps leaders chart a path for the change they want to see in their organizations. Kara has spent the last decade in a range of strategy roles and loves rolling up her sleeves as a co-creator alongside her clients. Her clients have spanned startup ventures, large corporates, nonprofits, and philanthropies. Her work has helped clients make choices about how to meet the challenge and opportunity of the external environment, and enabled them to expand and strengthen their capabilities to deliver on strategy. 

Prior to Incandescent, Kara was a leader at Next Street, a mission-driven strategy and financial planning consulting firm, where much of her work focused on advancing equitable economic development strategies with multi-stakeholder groups in places ranging from Brooklyn, Albuquerque, San Francisco, and Chicago. Her early career was defined by her time at Bonafide Health, where she helped the company stand up their D2C platform and launch their initial line of women's health products.

Kara graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Economics, and spent a year at the London School of Economics studying how people, culture, and cities shape one another. She spends much of her free time wandering the endless worlds within New York City, but loves exploring other cities and countries, hiking, and eating street food.

(Cohort 4: 2021)


Laura Heaton is Vice President of Talent Development for Penske. Her work focuses on growth and development at the individual, group, function and organization level with an emphasis on applications of ego development theory.

Prior to joining Penske Laura held Talent and Organizational development roles at the Hershey company, IBM, Virgin Atlantic Airways and TWA.  Laura holds a Masters Degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University, completed the Advanced OD HRM program at Columbia University Teachers College, and earned her B.S. in Business Administration, Cum Laude from Orion College.  Her thesis explored “Do archetypes of the collective unconscious impact organizational efficacy.”

She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Megan Helzner is a Manager at CFAR. She serves organizations across CFAR’s family enterprise and owner-led business, healthcare, higher education, and non-profit practices. She brings more than 10 years of industry experience in operations, management, development, and consulting to her work addressing challenges in strategy, governance and leadership, change, and organizational design.


Her approach to consulting combines deep curiosity with a problem-solving orientation, and a desire to foster thoughtful and authentic partnerships with clients. Knowing that one size does not fit all, Megan brings passion and rigor to understanding the contexts and systems in which her clients live and work. In addition, Megan draws connections across industries in order to create value and practical, actionable solutions to her clients’ challenges.


A committed member of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania community, Megan volunteers her time on the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s Board Finance Committee and as a member of its Emerging Leaders Circle. She is also a member of the Board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Association of Alumnae, and is a Leadership Philadelphia alumna. Megan has lectured at Ursinus College and presented at the Smithsonian Affiliations national conference.


Megan holds a BA in International Relations with minors in Economics and Spanish from Ursinus College, an MPA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government, and certificates from Bryn Mawr College’s Non-Profit Executive Leadership Institute, and the Museum Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Ann Houston Kelley enables international executives in global organizations to have crucial conversations about the ‘things that matter’. She raises topics ‘above and below the table’ which lead to choices and systemic change. Since 1995, she has been an executive business coach and consultant to international senior executives & their teams. She is a Leadership Development Practice Director with the Insead Global Leadership Center. As a trained economist and family systems psychotherapist, she focuses on the ‘bottom line’ as well as ‘getting people to the bottom line’. Her diverse work experience (marketing analyst, IT manager, HR specialist, psychotherapist for international executives) gives her the ‘language’ to listen deeply to many different types of leaders. She holds two passports (US, NL) and is now based in the US Pacific Northwest after 24 years in the Netherlands.  
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Katelyn Husereau, is a Manager at CFAR. Katelyn is skilled is skilled in stakeholder engagement, strategy development and execution, and the design of educational programming. She focuses on the intersection of the hard and soft challenges facing her clients, attending to how relationships and analytics combine to create successful outcomes.  Katelyn was most recently the Assistant Director of the Center for Family Business at Northeastern University. She also assisted in the facilitation of the Family Business Peer Group that is offered to members of the Center, where family members discuss their pressing issues with peers in a safe and confidential setting. She has presented to several family business classes at Northeastern University, at the 2015 Global Family Firm Institute Conference, and at the 2017 Global Family Firm Institute Conference on the intersection of entrepreneurship and family business as an opportunity for next generation engagement. Katelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Marketing from Franklin Pierce University, as well as Certificates in Meeting and Event Management and Advanced Management Studies, and a Master of Business Administration all from Northeastern University
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Gayle Irvin, RN, MA, PCC is an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant. Her practice centers on leadership, group development, & managing organisations through change. She has over 25 years of experience working in corporations, non-profits, the healthcare industry, financial services, religious institutions, publishing, and media. Gayle was an Internal Consultant for The New York Times. Since 2007, Gayle has been working closely with The Church of Scotland to develop a coaching program. Over 100 faith leaders have taken part in it. Gayle trained & continues to supervise a team of twelve coaches in Scotland. Gayle’s first career was as an RN specializing in substance abuse & mental health counseling. She has a B.A. in Organizational Psychology & an M.A. from Columbia University in Organizational Psychology & Leadership. Gayle trained at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Gayle is certified through the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Irena Izotova holds an MA in Business Psychology from Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Her extensive professional experience covers Executive & Leadership Team Coaching and Organizational Consulting for big multinational and Russian business organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Unilever and Severstal. She is a researcher and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Irena is a member of ISPSO, and a board member of the Association of Psychoanalytic Coaching and Business Consulting. She is Professional ICF Coach and an accredited Analytic-Network Coach.  

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Azadeh Khalili is a consultant specializing in organizational development, strategy, leadership development, and executive coaching in the social change sector. Azi has worked with non-profit organizations and government agencies in the United States and globally bringing a race- and gender-conscious approach to her work. An expert in emotional intelligence, she has delivered numerous trainings on the phenomenon of "internalized oppression" as an impediment to leadership development and organizational effectiveness. Azi is a sought-after expert for her insight into leadership dynamics for women, people of color and immigrants.

Azi serves on the board of directors of the New Economy Project and on the Executive Committee of the  UN Commission on the Status of Women's NGO Committee. She holds a BA from The New School and an MPH from Columbia University.
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)  

Ronen Koehler is the Head of Staff of Outbrain ( He is a highly skilled interdisciplinary executive and a certified organizational consultant. His background is both in the IT industry and across various Israeli military organizations. Over the past 13 years, Ronen served as an executive at one of Israel's flagship IT companies, Check Point software technologies, including the Global Head of HR. In this role, Koehler led organizational changes on a global basis, mergers and acquisitions and more. Koehler's experience also comprises over 30 years in the Israeli Navy, including 17 years in active service and 14 years as a reservist, as a leadership trainer, and in the last few years as senior internal auditor. In active service, Ronen served as a naval officer, a missile boat captain, and a submarine commanding-captain. He is an avid ocean sailor, father of 3 and lives in Tel Aviv.
(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Sivan Kremer Ilan is a senior organizational development professional with more than 15 years of experience in leading organizational development in global companies.

She specializes in leadership development processes including nontraditional innovative programs for disruptive leaders. Sivan’s experience is also comprised of 9 years of military service in which she served as the psychologist of an infantry brigade and of an elite intelligence unit. Currently she is leading the OD department of a market leading company in the cyber industry.

Sivan lives in an Israeli kibbutz and is raising her three kids alongside her husband. She holds an M.Sc in industrial psychology from the Technion – Israel institute of Technology. 

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020) 


Tali Kurt-Galai is an organizational consultant and executive coach, specialized in working with high potential individuals and teams to develop leadership capacity and manage organizational change. She has partnered with senior executives from a variety of industries including start-ups, legal, finance, media, governmental agencies, educational institutes, ad agencies, luxury and ​non-profit ​organizations. She ​facilitates peer learning groups for leaders from ​high growth ​technology companies. Tali has worked as an internal consultant for Tech-Stars NY, and as an instructor at Bunker Labs - the national organization built by military veteran entrepreneurs to empower other veterans as leaders in innovation.

As a coach, Tali uses her background as both a clinical psychologist and an organizational consultant. She looks for the route that connects her ​clients’ personal goals ​with the organizational context and objectives. She encourages her clients to develop awareness to their blind spots and to extend their repertoire of responses, while identifying and limiting ineffective reactions and patterns.

Tali holds an M.S degree in Organizational Change Management from The New School, NY, an M.A degree in Clinical Psychology from Tel-Aviv University, a B.A degree in Psychology and Sociology from Tel-Aviv University and an ​Executive Coaching certificate from iCoach New York, City University of NY, Zicklin School of Business.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020) 


Amelia La Spada is the Managing Director of a boutique learning consultancy,

As a behavioural coach she works with executives, groups, teams and organizations. Exploring the above and below the surface, supporting people to understand what interferes with their achievement in work and life. Leaving clients more confident about their insights and capabilities and clearer about how to manage their work roles and relationships. Leaning on Systems Psychodynamics, through dialogue and  experiential exercises, she reviews the dynamics between the Person, Role and the Organization. In her work with teams she helps members to face into difficult conversations and to surface dynamics and existing scripts, which keep teams stuck, inhibit richer collaboration and constructive exchange.

Her clients work in multinationals, are small/medium enterprises, family businesses, not for profits and public sector organizations – each with their own specific challenges and perspectives.

Amelia is furthermore a specialist in designing and implementing tailored learning and development for executives. In the past 14 years she has worked at and with IMD Business School in Lausanne on open, as well as partnership (custom) programs, as a learning manager and executive coach.

Born in Wuppertal, Germany she has lived, studied and worked in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, the US and Switzerland and speaks English, French and German.

After her studies in international relations, politics, history and languages, Amelia has spent over 17 years in the field of education. She has worked across cultures, with young people at the outset of their careers, as well as with senior executives, at the height of their profession. She holds an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) from INSEAD Business School as well as certificates from Tavistock Consulting in Executive Coaching and Group Dynamics. Amelia is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) of the International Society for Psychological Study of Organizations (ISPSO) and the Social Psychology Network (SPN). In her free time, she enjoys hiking in her adopted home in Switzerland.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Valéria Lisondo is a consultant and clinical psychologist, partner of Instituto Lisondo - a consultancy company focused on providing Experiences of Transformation and Organizational development in the field of Family Businesses and Executive Coaching. She holds a Business MBA at ESADE Business School and FGV- SP. Valeria has taken part in the IMD Program "Leading the Family Business". She is the co-author of the article: "Authority; Role and Temporality in the Family Business - an approximation with the Group Relations Conference -Tavistock Model" (from the book " Family Companies - an Interdisciplinary Vision” – published by FGV). Valeria finds nourishment in the psychodynamics perspective. 

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Toya Lorch was born and raised in Brazil and begun her career as an Occupational Therapist specialized in Mental Health. After a Career Counseling process in 1995, she decided to start a new career in Human Resources. At that time, combining her background in psychology with her experience as a member of the second generation of a business family was Toya's main challenge. She started her "second career" with Ryder Logistics where she worked as an HR Business Partner from 1995 until 1998. From 1998 until 2003 she worked at Unilever’s International Training Center in London (Four Acres) as a full time Internal Coach for individuals and teams. During this assignment she worked in a multi-cultural business environment. Since 2003, Toya has been working in Brazil as a professional Coach and Organizational Consultant. Together with Mônica Fix she is the founding partner of Kampas Coaching & Consultoria in São Paulo. She is also on the Executive Coaches' team at INSEAD, France and European School of Management - ESMT, Germany.  Toya holds an Executive Master's in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD (2013) and her thesis paper “From Individual Career Dilema to Family’s Adaptative Challenge” received a distinction.  She also holds a degree in Consultation and The Organization: psychoanalytical approaches from the Tavistock Clinic in London (2002) and is completing the program Dynamics at Board Level from at the Tavistock Institute in London (2017). She is fluent in Portuguese and English and speaks intermediate German.   
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Cheryl Lower helps organizations execute their strategy and goals more quickly and with better results.  Cheryl has over twenty-five years’ experience consulting, managing, and training in private sector and non-profit organizations.  She has devoted 15+ years exclusively to global work -- including 7 years working in Thailand – and has traveled or lived in over 35 countries. She has worked with a variety of sectors: financial services; senior care; manufacturing; boards of directors; software; biopharma; energy; health insurance; information technology; universities; secondary public and independent schools, and public libraries. She serves on the Board of Directors of a manufacturing firm. She is a well-reviewed conference speaker and a master facilitator, having led hundreds of workshops for groups of 3 to 300. Cheryl has managed large multi-cultural teams delivering health and education services in challenging environments. Cheryl holds an MA in International Management from the School for International Training and a Certificate in Organization Development from the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. Cheryl’s most recent pro bono work included 7 years as Chair of the Board of Trustees of a Massachusetts school.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Erica Manento is the Director of Executive Development and Succession at Penske Truck Leasing. In her role, Erica is responsible for building enterprise-wide customized leading edge Talent and Organization Assessment and development practices designed to drive growth and organization performance, while being a force for good in the world.  Erica is committed to developing and leading an inspirational model of leadership for Penske and bringing it to life through a portfolio of learning experiences and resources.

Erica earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Human Resources Development from Villanova University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Cedar Crest College.  She possesses  a number of certifications that are integral in her leading edge work including: Principles and Practices of Organizational Design from Teacher’s College Columbia University, certified facilitator for the Immunity to Change development model, Professional Human Resource Certification (PHR) from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), a SHRM- CP certification from the Society for Human Resource Management, a 360- multi rater assessment certification with  The Leadership Circle, a certified debriefer of the Hogan personality assessments , and a coaching certification from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). 

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)   


Ciarán McGinley is a Senior Associate at Normann Partners. With nearly 40 years of experience in IP and innovation, Ciarán is regarded as having a unique and comprehensive understanding of the global patent process both operationally and economically. During a 35-year period at the European Patent Office, he worked under, and directly with, every President and held a wide range of senior Board positions as well as being in charge of major operational units. Throughout his professional life, Ciarán has worked extensively with scenario thinking, business design and strategic renewal. More recently he has supported both institutional and corporate clients in their strategic development and use of scenario planning in the areas of water and land use, renewable energy, city travel, autonomous vehicles, education, food safety, IoT, IP, mining and construction. He holds a BSC in Aeronautical Engineering (Bristol) and an MBA from HEC-Paris. Ciarán has lived and worked in five European countries and speaks French, German and Dutch.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Marcia Metlin is senior level organizational development professional with nearly 30 years of experience in team building, conflict management, board development, corporate universities, adult learning, training design and delivery, and skilled-based competency development. She is the founder and principal of the Metlin Consulting Group, and has advised major corporations, including Unisys, PECO Energy, and Harcourt. She most recently served as Director of Organizational Development at the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Marcia holds a masters degree in education from Temple University and numerous professional certifications.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Belinda Moller is a practicing group analyst and a Director of Group Analytic Practice, Dublin.  She runs a weekly, analytic therapy group.  Belinda consult to organisations and individuals and lecture on post-graduate programmes (groups dynamics, counselling skills and research methods).  Combining her interest in psychoanalysis, group analysis, organization theory and social systems, she works primarily with groups.  Working in a gentle, loving and encouraging way, Belinda aims to provide a bounded, containing structure; nudging members to grapple with difficult projective processes and to seek reparative resolutions.  By viewing our interpersonal dynamics at work through a relational ‘lens’, we can feel more alive in how we relate, and in how others relate to us.  She uses a combination of group analytic and Balint techniques, as together, they seem to provide safety and structure.  At the moment most of her work is with homogenous groups from frontline social services, teachers and leaders in school education, academics, consultant psychiatrists, professionals in a variety of management roles, and a small group of trainee counsellors from the Irish Defence Forces.  She is active in the Irish group analytic and group relations communities and was co-chair of ISPSO’s 2018 Annual Meeting.  
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Moira Nangle is the former Director of Organization Development at Virgin Atlantic Airways, Moira is a creative, perceptive OD professional with qualifications in Training, Teaching, Psychotherapy, both one to one and team coaching, and an MSc in Organization Development. 

During her time at Virgin Atlantic, the organization went through a significant period of growth. Moira led on the organization design and development aspects while ensuring the right processes and disciplines were in place to consistently deliver, moving the organization from a young challenger to a respected player in the industry. Moira has designed, delivered and evaluated OD interventions from Board to Shop-floor level ranging from business strategy to organization design, new product development, talent management, culture change, and customer service. 

Moira now works with senior teams and individuals to turn strategy into action, and specializes in leadership, succession planning, culture change and employee engagement. During the last few years she has worked with senior teams and individuals in a coaching or consulting capacity to develop the internal capability and capacity to lead and manage change. Moira is also at home working with staff groups, forums and unions using collaborative and creative methodologies to imagine what might be possible, and in facilitating action-based interventions.

Moira has held a number of Non-Executive roles, including the NHS, within the third sector and at a small privately owned technology business. Moira also works as faculty on the AoEC programmes in Systemic Team Coaching at certificate and diploma level.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Sharon Neuwald, Dr.PH, MMHS and BSW has worked extensively in health and human services. She is currently a consultant working in the area of early childhood development, community development, human services and health working with both state agencies and local nonprofits. Her consulting to non-profits includes strategic planning, fund development and board governance with a community development organization, child care associations and a literacy council. Sharon has worked in several capacities at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as Chief of Staff, Legislative Liaison and program and reimbursement designer in the agency’s Medicaid Division. She received a master’s degree in human services management from Brandeis University, and a Doctorate of Public Health from the University of Michigan. She has completed a mastery of training in facilitation methods through the Institute of Cultural Affairs. She recently completed psychoanalytic training at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California as an academic scholar. Sharon is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a Board member of the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma and a former board member of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.She has also participated in Whole System Consulting Training through the A.K. Rice Institute.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Kurt O'Brien holds a faculty position as a senior lecturer with the University of Washington’s Master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) program, and is also an independent consultant. From 2000-2015 he was with University of Washington (UW) Medicine, including seven years as the director of Organization Development and Training, where he worked directly with leaders and teams at all levels of the health system. He has over twenty years of experience in the field of organization development and eighteen years of direct leadership experience; today his primary work involves helping leaders more fully develop their leadership craft. He received his Master’s in Human Resources and Organization Development (MHROD) from the University of San Francisco in 1997. He lives in Poulsbo, WA with his wife Kelly and golden retriever, Hudson. His son Thomas lives in Kobe, Japan where he teaches English, and his daughter Makaila lives and works in Seattle.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Andreas Oertli has been a Senior Executive Coach and Strategic Advisor of Top Executives and their Boards for two decades. Today he is working independently with strong links to carefully selected, likeminded individuals around the globe. His clients are predominantly international companies that are often larger family-held organizations as well as stock listed companies. He is a founding member of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein), an international network of experts in leadership advisory work. From 2011 till mid 2012 he was a Partner of Heidrick & Struggles’ Leadership Consulting, CEO/Board and Transportation Practice. He is one of the founding shareholders and has been the Managing Partner and later the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matrixs Ltd.; an advisory boutique in Zurich and Singapore. Starting his work as Consultant in 1999, he was International Project Director and Member of the Executive Committee of a small size consultancy group in Zurich. Prior to that he had various managerial positions in international logistics, shipping and soft commodity trading groups which brought him to a vast variety of emerging economies for more than a decade.


He holds a Master of Business Administration from IMD Lausanne (Switzerland) and a Diploma in Clinical Organizational Psychology from INSEAD in Fontainebleau (France). He served as member and later as Chairperson of the MBA Alumni Loan & Scholarship Committee of IMD in Lausanne. He is a member of ISPSO (International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizations), the New Zealand-German Chamber of Commerce in Auckland and The Royal Automobile Club in London.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Frances Padilla was appointed President of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut in September 2012. Before assuming her current role, she served for 8 years as vice president for program and policy and as executive vice president. She has strengthened the organization’s standing as one of the state’s most effective and powerful philanthropic organizations. Frances serves by legislative appointment on the Governor’s Health Care Cabinet, advising the governor and legislature on health reform policy. She also serves on the Connecticut Health Care Innovation Steering Committee overseeing the implementation of a $45 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation. Additionally, Frances holds leadership positions on the boards of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, Qualidigm and Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University and holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Jeff Pedde is a senior organizational performance coach and change consultant with RLG International, well experienced in the challenges of delivering results through people. For over twenty-three years, in his work with companies in various sectors including energy, manufacturing, construction and non-profit, he has acted as a change catalyst and thinking partner for leaders and teams at every organizational level in search of new approaches to improving their performance and achieving better results. His primary focus is on the internal dialogue necessary within an organization for the people there to effectively deliver on their promises. He brings a non-intrusive, people centric, results focused approach along with a practical sense of what works in complex organizations. Through his work with clients in Europe, the Middle East, Near East, North Africa, Australasia as well as North and South America he has garnered a particular appreciation for complicated multi-cultural and multi-lingual work environments.


Jeff is the author of Orchestrating Change: How to Navigate Complexity and Get Results, which lays out a simple framework to help leaders and change implementers plot a course, launch and course correct toward the goals of their change journey. Born and raised in Canada he holds degrees from the Royal Military College of Canada, the Ivey School of Business (UWO) and HEC (France). Before joining RLG he served with the Royal Canadian Navy as a sea going officer for 14 years.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Søren Porskrog is a consultant with substantial experience in value creation, strategizing, transformation and program management in the intersection between IT and business. His personal vision is to create, facilitate and support dynamism and growth in his surroundings. As a reflective practitioner he lives this vision by helping his clients to acknowledge and embrace the tensions, ambiguities and complexities in good management practice. Over the last 20 years he has worked as consultant with some of the largest Danish businesses across a variety of sectors as his clients. Among his clients are Novo (pharma), Nordea (banking), Damco (logistics), Maersk (shipping), and Ørsted (green energy). For Damco he has held the position as senior manager of service innovation with focus on fostering growth through innovation and development of leading-edge services for Damco’s premium customers.In all client work he has challenged the current way of thinking. Main interests are innovation, team development, benefit management, customer centric agile work methods and leadership. He has been member of the faculties at Institute for Marketing Economics at Copenhagen Business School and The International Centre for Programme Management at Cranfield School of Management where he among others have trained staff at The British Atom Weapons Establishment.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Crystal Proenza is a strategic consultant and culture expert. She is known for her ability to empower leaders and drive performance, especially in times of change or challenge. Having spent over a decade on leadership teams, Crystal is a seasoned veteran in creating, evaluating and executing strategy. From startups, to expanding international organizations, her background includes two successful acquisitions, including leadership through transitions to integrate these companies. 


She is an experienced operator that is able to bring focus in times of change and challenge, and lead with culture that forges partnerships with leaders across an organization. Her work on executive teams has helped leaders to achieve exponential growth, create and scale culture, and successfully navigate dynamic business challenges. She believes leaders dedicated to learning and growth themselves breed organizations with high levels of engagement and productivity.   


Crystal specializes in creating conditions for people to do their best work. She uses this passion to advise leaders as they drive performance for themselves and their teams. Her direct experience as a leader include taking fast growing, real estate technology company Honest Buildings full cycle, from Series A to acquisition, scaled that team 5X over two years with a 90% retention of high performing employees and 100% year-over-year revenue growth, doubled revenues over a five-year period for a 20+ year-old services firm through a recession, led of communication through Colliers International’s IPO and fostered team integrations for two successful acquisitions with above-average retention rates and employee engagement scores. 

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Betina Rama is a consultant and facilitator-coach for leadership development, change and diversity for  international organizations and NGOs. She brings over 20 years of corporate management and academic background into leadership consulting and executive suite team coaching. Has held different roles in the headquarters and regional offices of Procter and Gamble (Switzerland, Venezuela and Chile) such as Academic, Regulatory Affairs and Influencer Marketing; Global Learning, Development and Integration Manager of a US$ 5 billion acquisition and Regional HR business partner of two business units. Her multicultural experience included studying in the USA and France and working for 6 years in a team with people of  27 different nationalities. Holds an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change and a Diploma in Clinical Organizational Psychology, both from INSEAD, and a Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change from The Tavistock Institute. She is co-author and editor of the book “Liderazgo Femenino, Aprendizajes de Carrera de Ejecutivas Latinas” (Feminine Leadership, career learnings of latin executives) (in Spanish, 2015), and co-author of the Harvard Business Review article: Coaching Ejecutivo en Latinoamérica, Latin American Edition, July 2011 and of the INCAE business review article: Social Capital and Career Success  September-December edition, 2013. 
(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Carlos Remotti-Breton is an organizational consultant, executive and team coach who works internationally in multi-cultural environments across all industries but with a deep expertise on Financial Services. He is an expert in leadership, high performance teams, group dynamics, team dysfunction, and change. Carlos works one to one and with teams. Carlos style is rooted on the clinical approach and revolves around the developing of high trust, high collaborative relationship and then diving into what choices the client need to make.  

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Betsy Riley.jpg

With a passion for building an organization’s capacity and capability through evidence-based practice, Elizabeth “Betsy” Riley-Wasserman, Ph.D. has provided organization development leadership in the corporate finance, healthcare and telecommunications industries for more than 30 years.


Currently, she serves as Vice President of Change Management & Operational Effectiveness for Comcast’s Technology, Product and Experience (TPX) business unit.


Prior to Comcast, Riley-Wasserman served as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Organization Development for Mercy Health System (MHS) where she was the facilitator of the national redesign of HR products and services for the parent Trinity Health System and drove improvement of colleague engagement and labor relations within MHS.  


Riley-Wasserman came to Mercy following twelve years at the University of Pennsylvania Health System where she served as the Chief Learning Officer.  While at UPHS, Riley-Wasserman provided organization development leadership for the nationally recognized redesign of the health system’s patient care model.


As a result of her strong commitment to regional workforce development, Riley-Wasserman’s was appointed by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to serve on the executive committee of the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board (now Philadelphia Works).


Riley-Wasserman began her career in organization development as a process design consultant for AT&T Capital Corporation in Morristown, NJ. She has held positions in higher education administration at The Ohio State University, Drexel University, and Temple University.


Riley-Wasserman earned a Ph.D. in organization design and development from Temple University, a master’s degree in higher education administration from The Ohio State University College of Education, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from LaSalle University. In addition, she has earned the following professional certifications: Stanford d.School Design Thinking Certification; Black Belt in Six Sigma, Penn State University; Center for Creative Leadership 360 Benchmark Tool; MBTI; FIRO-B Qualifying Program.

(Cohort 4: 2021)


Lee Shapiro is a clinical psychologist and consultant in New York City, who has been in private practice since 2009. He works with individuals, groups and couples and organizations, with a particular interest start-up culture. He went to two different private quaker schools and graduated from Vassar College in 1995. He received a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and his Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), from the Ferkauf School of Psychology, Yeshiva University. His dissertation was on Post-College Transition. During Lee's doctoral training he worked at both New York University and Marymount Manhattan College’s counseling centers, as well as the Forensic Service of Kings County Hospital. He did his Internship at North Central Bronx Hospital. After completing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Lee took a staff psychologist position at Woodhull Hospital where he worked in both the adult outpatient clinic and Inpatient service from 2007 – March 2013. Lee completed the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society’s, “The One Year Training Program”, and Couples Therapy Training and Education Program (CTTEP) at the White Institute. He has also participated in Tavistock Group Relations conferences.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Yulia Sheynkman is an organizational consultant, and leadership development coach. Yulia’s practice is primarily focused on rapidly growing tech companies. She also designs and leads executive development programs for McKinsey, Facebook, WPP, Bank Simple (BBVA USA), New York Times, Pandora, and others. Prior to her consulting career, Yulia held senior positions in financial services, including Credit Suisse.

Yulia holds summa cum laude Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University, coaching accreditation through International Coaching Federation, and certification in several assessment instruments. Yulia was a researcher at Princeton University, working with Daniel Kahneman (winner of the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) in the areas of human memory and perception. Yulia’s cognitive science research received an Honorable Mention from the National Science Foundation. Yulia’s work is informed by her decades-long practice of mindfulness meditation.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Mohan Sikka works with non-profit boards and staff teams who want to clarify their primary purpose and create a powerful vision for change, or more effectively align their organizational and individual practices with desired impact. He has 20 years of consulting experience, starting with fundraising for community-based organizations, and over time gaining depth in organizational development, planning, team facilitation, training and coaching. Mohan was most recently Managing Director for Leadership Development at Community Resource Exchange (CRE), NYC’s premiere nonprofit consulting firm for groups fighting poverty and advancing social justice. In this role Mohan managed quality and content for human resource and leadership practice areas at CRE, including staff and board development, executive coaching and training, transition planning, performance evaluation and HR management. He has also facilitated complex strategic planning engagements with a range of NYC and regional CBOs, advocacy groups and settlement houses. Mohan was a senior staff consultant at CRE for 12 years and now partners as an independent affiliate with several regional and national consulting groups. He has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Minnesota and numerous professional certifications. He continues to train in group and systems work.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)


Blair Slaughter’s goal as the founder of Delve Consulting is to enable leaders and organizations to thrive when they encounter new opportunities and challenges.  Executive coaching, organizational effectiveness, talent management, change management, leadership development, and fractional HR support are the tools Delve’s cadre of consultants brings to clients.


As an executive coach, Blair focuses on adaptability, working with leaders to quickly size up and address increasingly complex situations.  As a consultant, she helps organizations optimize their opportunities, building new cultures, structures, capabilities, and teams, whether they are large entities pivoting or start-ups scaling.  


Blair draws from 25 years of experience as an organizational and people leader.  She has held executive-level roles in organization development, talent management, learning and development, human resources, and change management.  She has managed large groups whose products and services have had enterprise impact.  But she never forgets her early experiences in a start-up and the challenges they face.  Her industry experience includes health care, global financial services, technology, manufacturing, oil and gas, industry associations, and not-for-profits.  Blair was adjunct faculty at Harvard Business School (2008 and 2009) teaching Persuasive Business Communication.


Her dual educational background augments her professional experience.  Her degrees in business (BS in Finance and MBA) and organizational development (MA and PhD), allow her to test research-based insights against her business expertise to create proven and practical solutions.


In her non-profit work, Blair is passionate about developing economic independence.  She was Board Chair of Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore and is now First Vice President of the Board of Humanim, a 500+ person organization that serves those with significant employment barriers.  Blair is a graduate of Leadership Maryland, which unites 50 leaders annually across the state to make Maryland the best place to work and live.


In her spare time, Blair enjoys traveling, cooking and scuba diving with her husband, Dave, and their daughters, Natalie and Cecilia. 

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Morten Svalgaard Nielsen is trained as a stage director and holds an M. A. in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Aalborg University. He has 15 years of experience as a theatre director and as an entrepreneur within theatre and performance. Moreover 15 years of experience as an independent leadership and organizational consultant, among others as Senior Consultant at The Confederation of Danish Enterprise. His core competencies: Development of organizational culture, development of leadership and talent, support of management teams in transition processes. Morten focuses in particular on communication, storytelling, motivation, creativity, co-creation and action learning. Through his experience in leading innovative L & D processes, Morten has built a deeper understanding of and insight into contradictions, obstacles and dilemmas in creating meaningful learning arenas. His area of attention is creating organizational value – while holding central the organizational tension between complex dynamic processes and commercial drive towards goals and results. He has authored and co-authored a number of exciting releases (in Danish), including “Ledelse fra Scenekanten”, “Kommunikation om innovation” and “Fællesskabets magi “. 

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Todd Smith is a Senior Consultant at CFAR. He is a seasoned consultant who has worked with family and owner-led business for over two decades in the areas of governance, education, strategy, and communication improvement.


In addition to working as a family business consultant, Todd served as EVP of Strategy & Governance within a complex multi-generational family office. He understands the complexity of working with numerous advisors from various industries. He is a skilled facilitator, able to adapt quickly to a variety of business and interpersonal challenges as they arise. He enjoys assisting families in successfully managing the competing demands of running a thriving business enterprise while maintaining family cohesion and ensuring longevity.


Prior to focusing on family businesses exclusively, Todd spent many years consulting with Fortune 100 companies in the areas of strategy and process. His desire to provide a more meaningful impact within his clients led him to take a role managing the consulting practices for Eide Bailly LLP for many years, during which time he served a diverse and successful group of family business clients. Todd has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Minnesota State University, Moorhead.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Dr. Aleesha Taylor works with governments, philanthropies, international networks and the private sector to transform crises and critical turning points into opportunities for greater impact. She is the founder and principal of Herald Advisors, a strategic advisory firm that helps clients shift systems and resources to address their challenges and better serve the socially and economically disadvantaged. As a former deputy director at the Open Society Foundations’ global education program, Aleesha has a decade of experience in philanthropy. She is committed to unlocking the potential of leaders and organizations to help systems work more effectively in serving the marginalized. Aleesha has served as a Lecturer and Adjunct Professor in International Educational Development at Columbia University’s Teachers College, where she completed her doctoral studies. She also holds degrees in psychology from Spelman College and the Graduate Faculty for Political and Social Sciences of the New School for Social Research.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)


Nadine Tchelebi is a Senior Consultant in the field of Organizational Development at In Stability GmbH & Co. KG, Hanover, Germany, where she enjoys designing and leading change projects such as consulting to strategic and cultural development and has gained experiences in individual executive coaching and team coaching. She also conducts regular advanced group dynamics courses based on the Tavistock method of group relations.


Nadine holds a Ph.D. in psychoanalytic and systems-psychodynamic approaches to intergroup dynamics in organizations, has led international research projects in this field and has also published her work. She has gained an Executive Coaching qualification with which she has coached and supervised individual Executives and executive teams on a freelance basis internationally.


Before embarking on her consulting career, Nadine was a Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies at the Bristol Business School where she led the M.Sc. Programme “Leadership and Management” as well as the personal and professional development strands of the executive MBA. Alongside her academic career, she has designed, led and held diverse roles in more than ten international group dynamics trainings such as the Leicester Group Relations Conference. She has worked with Tavistock Consulting in the field of Consulting and Leading in Organizations and has been a Visiting Lecturer at INSEAD’s Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change. Nadine is the Editor of the international academic journal Organizational and Social Dynamics and member of ISPSO (International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations), OPUS (Organization for Promoting Understanding of Society), PCCA (Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities) and DGGO (German Society for Group and Organizational Dynamics).


Nadine has Arabic roots, speaks German, English and Spanish fluently, is a passionate rower and loves doing her pottery.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Bronwyn Tinker-Kelly.jpg

Bronwyn Tinker-Kelly is the Global Head of Learning at Kearney and has 25 years of professional services experience across the Management Consulting, Recruitment and Financial Services industries. Working as part of the Global Learning team for the past ten years at Kearney, her concentration has been in senior leadership development, program design and delivery, facilitation and coaching & feedback. Her team of 25 is spread around the Globe with responsibility for people development across the entire firm.

Prior to Kearney, she worked as the Chief Operating Officer at The Gerson Group, where she led the New York office and opened a new location in London. Bronwyn also has six previous years of experience at Kearney, working in an operations capacity in New York and California.

Bronwyn holds a BA from Binghamton University and an MBA in Economics and Management from New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business.  She holds both PMP and SPHR certifications. In her free time, Bronwyn enjoys international travel, hiking with her German Shepherd, boating outside her front door on Lake Geneva (WI), and spending time with her husband running their bowling alley/pub in Wisconsin.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Jennifer Tomasik, Vice President and Principal, heads CFAR’s Healthcare Practice and is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Jennifer has worked in the healthcare sector for two decades, and is deeply knowledgeable about public health, health policy, clinical quality measurement, strategic planning, governance, organizational and cultural change and interprofessional collaboration. She speaks and writes frequently on these issues. Jennifer is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, where she was recently elected to serve as the Rhode Island representative to the Council of Regents.  Jennifer’s work draws on her interdisciplinary training in American Studies (BA from Tufts University) and Health Policy and Management (MS from the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health). She also serves as the President of the Board of Trustees for the French American School of Rhode Island, and resides in Providence, RI with her husband Jason and daughters Jane and Julianne. 

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)

Rick Torseth is co-founder of Human Securities—a leadership consulting and executive search firm established in 1992 in the Seattle area. My leadership practice is focused on building adaptive leadership capacity in the healthcare and global health sectors in the US and inside local government in the UK. He completed an MSc degree from Oxford University and from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris. Rick am married to Theresa. His daughter Annika lives in New York.  

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Debra Turner Bailey is an inspirational leader who mobilizes people with a deep commitment to inclusion, engagement and empowerment. A true visionary, she is equally comfortable working to create a robust initiative from a blank slate, or tackling a complex, intractable problem to find a win-win resolution

Since joining Corning Incorporated in 1989, Debra has built a legacy as both an individual contributor valued for her ability to make a deep impact on a focus area, and as a leader who excels at strategic thinking, leading collaborative efforts, and coaching others to realize their full potential. Debra’s coaching experience has included individuals at all levels of the organization and has focused on career and leadership development. Her coaching clients have included those in private corporations, colleges and universities and the not-for-profit sector. In 2013, Debra retired from Corning Incorporated as their Global Diversity Officer.

She is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for CHIC (Children’s Homes of Iredell County), a member of the Circle of Red with the American Heart Association and the Circle of Giving organizations.

Debra holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology (minor in women’s studies) and a master’s of public affairs from UNC-Greensboro. She also earned a master’s degree in human resources studies from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Debra lives in Statesville NC, with her husband Harry, and is the proud grandmother of two.

(Cohort 3: 2019-2020)

Susan Warshauer is a Social Psychologist who helps individuals and their teams create and sustain organizational cultures that develop leaders. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked with for-profit and non-profit organizations across many industries and around the world. 

In that time, Susan led efforts to promote learning and ensure leadership bench strength in financial services, high tech, management consulting, and higher education. Currently, Susan consults with and coaches senior leadership at a broad range of institutions, focused on increasing their effectiveness and leading their organizations to accomplish their business objectives.

Susan is deeply involved in a non-profit that supports community initiated development projects in Africa. As part of that work, she lived in Western Uganda helping establish a university focused on women leading rural development.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Alex Volokhov.jpg

Alexei Volokhov is an organizational consultant, executive and team coach in private practice.

He is a former 3M EMEA Change and Integration Manager.

Alexei joined 3M Company in 2007 as Learning and Development Manager and in that role, he was responsible for leadership development in Central and East Europe and worked as a coach on global leadership development programs in US.

In 2014 he was promoted to 3M Global Academy of Innovative Development as 3M EMEA Learning and Coaching Development Manager. In 3M Global Coaching Team he was leading team coaching projects and worked with clients from Europe, Middle East, Africa and US.

Prior to coaching, Alexei had 22 years of extensive business experience as a manager responsible, at various times, for marketing, key account sales, customer service standards, training and development in leading Russian and multinational companies including Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia, Bristol and Pepsi International Bottlers. For his outstanding achievements in 2004 Alexei was awarded Person of the Year Prize in Rolf, leading national automotive business.

(Cohort 4: 2021)

Michael Wertheim is Chief Operating Officer at Fatherly, a media company focused on dads.  Michael is a digital media veteran, formerly the General Manager of Entertainment Weekly Digital and Head of Audience Development, Business Development, and Strategy for Upworthy.  Directly prior to joining Fatherly, he consulted to dozens of media companies including Apartment Therapy Media, Atlantic Media, Chartbeat, Fusion, National Geographic, New York Media and The New York Times. He is an advisor at Atlas Obscura, Chong & Koster, Greatist, Inverse, Simplereach, Tiphero, and Vinepair and he sits on the boards of Fatherly and 70 Faces Media. Michael has a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

(Cohort 2: 2018-2019)

Caleb White is a Principal at CFAR. He specializes in the complex strategic and operational issues facing today’s organizations. He draws on his experience as a high impact leader in both privately-held and large public companies, at different stages of development and across multiple industries. This includes leading his sixth-generation family business, Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc. Caleb brings both personal and professional insight to leadership and governance dilemmas facing clients. Prior to joining CFAR, Caleb was President and CEO of Ensign-Bickford, a privately held portfolio of diversified manufacturing companies, where he furthered expansion and spearheaded nearly ten acquisitions helping transform the portfolio into new areas. He is now a member of its Board of Directors. Caleb also serves as a Director of Axiam Inc. and Brokers International, and has been a member of numerous not-for-profit boards throughout his career, including St. Mark’s School of Southboro, MA and the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, which was founded by his father. 

(Cohort 1: 2017-2018)


Ekaterina Dzhabar-Zade is an organizational psychologist and psychodynamic organizational consultant based in Moscow, Russia.


She possesses a diverse, 20-years background in HR areas, she has an experience as an internal and external consultant. The last 15 years she has been working closely with leaders, teams, internal trainers and coaches helping them to develop leadership qualities, managerial, interpersonal, group and team interaction skills.


Ekaterina started her corporate career in 2001 in Russian FMCG company Russkiy Holod, where she worked closely with Sales Force Team and continue her career path as a Senior Trainer in Russian Telco – MTS. There she was responsible for the design and delivery of the corporate learning and development strategy. Then Ekaterina headed a Trainers’ Team in Russian training company TT. Since 2010, she has been working as a Talent and Leadership Development Manager in international IT companies – Canon and SAP.


Since 2015, Ekaterina has been conducting her practice and working with organizations as an Individual Entrepreneur. Among her clients are IT companies, Telco, FMCG, Banks, Retail, FMCG, HR Consulting, Manufacturing companies. She is a lecture and supervisor on master’s program Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting at the Higher School of Economics and MBA program in Project Management at the Higher School of Economics.

She has been taking part in Group Relations Conferences (GRC) since 2019. Ekaterina works as a consultant for Group Dynamics Conferences and leads small study groups on master's program Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting at the Higher School of Economics.

Certified Analytic-Network Coach, Certified Professional Business Coach of the Association for Psychoanalytic Coaching and Business Consulting (APCBC). Member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Research Organizations (ISPSO).


James Grady received his D.M.D. at the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 1971 and his residency training and a Master of Science in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1974.   Dr. Grady was the Founder and Managing Partner at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of East Alabama from 1976 to 2009, and participated part-time until 2013.  Since that time, he has actively pursued other business interests.  To support these interests, in 2019 he received a Master’s Degree from Capella University in Organizational Psychology.

In his practice, and as an avocation, for nearly forty years Dr. Grady has been a keen observer and student of behavior.  This has provided him research opportunities and the ability to speculate on the various circles of cause and effect related to various stressors and the impact they had on chronic pain patients, employees, and colleagues.  This provided him with the opportunity to make presentations at several national OMS meetings.  This culminated in an invitation to write a related chapter in Volume One of the seven volume 2000 OMS anthology-Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ed. Fonseca).


In 2010 his daughter and he founded PivotPoint Business Solutions.  As CEO, he has managed a three-year sub-contract under the “Investing in Innovation” grant funded by the Department of Education.  This involved an assessment of the impact of technology change in 233 secondary schools in six southern states.  He managed a five-year change management program for a large state university, and a one-year change management grant for a second state university.  In addition, he has provided consultation services and assessed change related impacts to over 34 various other educational, medical, corporate, and governmental institutions.


His interests have led him on what he describes as a fascinating journey of discovery providing him with deep insights regarding human behavior and organizational relationships.  Dr. Grady remains actively involved in PivotPoint and continues to aggressively pursue his interests and passions toward a more comprehensive understanding of human behavior at its intersection of Attachment Theory and Affective Neuroscience, especially as relates to organizational culture and change.  He is published in three books, and numerous peer reviewed journals, and has made presentations to many professional and organizational groups.


Françoise Hontoy is a European, born in Belgium, raised in Germany and living in Luxembourg who enjoys the fluent experience of the variety of environments and perspectives her work invites.

She is a Senior Client advisor at adVeci advisors, where she has been invited to develop the team coaching practice for leadership teams and boards. Her boutique consultancy and coaching company has the mission to create awareness of the choices that shape the way leadership teams lead.

Before embarking on her coaching and consulting career Françoise has been working in the IT sector for a company providing expertise and solutions to all stages of the document lifecycle. It led to becoming responsible for the operations of a major document service of a supranational institutions in the Benelux.

Since 2001 she has served on several profit and non-profit boards in Luxembourg, Germany and Europe. Stepping into the board of IT companies marked her transition from active involvement in IT to a consultative and strategic stance.

Contributing to enabling young leaders has been a major theme of her more than 20 years engagement in a non-profit youth organization where she restructured and led the organizations program serving young leaders in developing their leadership and training skills.

She also been the head coach of several sessions of a large online marketing training enabling more than 10.000 participants to integrate a vertical marketing approach into their business. Thus moving marketing from the idea of selling products to integrating purpose and financial aspects of the service provided into the way the business is led.

Françoise holds a master’s degree in IT from the university of Saarbrücken, an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) from INSEAD and is trained in the KDVI Group Coaching method. She is a member of ISPSO (International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations).


Michal Kaźmierski is an experienced business leader with an excellent track record and unique know-how gathered while establishing affiliates of two of the world largest bio-pharmaceutical companies in Poland and other CEE countries. Currently Michał leads the Poland & Baltic affiliate of Gilead Sciences a Foster City, CA research-based biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines.

He graduated as a Medical Doctor from Poznań University of Medical Sciences and holds a Master degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD, Fontainebleau. 

For the past 25 years Michal worked in the pharmaceutical sector where prior to joining Gilead he held various roles and responsibilities including creation and leading the Polish & Baltics affiliate of Amgen and General Manager of GE Healthcare in Poland and Baltic States.  

Apart from coaching individual leaders Michał has been involved in several projects providing organizational diagnosis and leadership development programs including special development program for 100 top leaders of ING bank in Poland and Aurubis AG, organizational diagnosis and support for organizations such as one of the largest law firms in Warsaw, Museum of Polish Jews, TDJ and He has worked with management boards of Grupa Żywiec, Żabka Polska, Arvato-Bertelsmann, BOSH Polska and Euro-net (RTV Euro AGD) among others.

Since 2016 Michał serves as a lecturer and trainer in the Academy of Leadership Psychology – a program designed by Jacek Santorski and run by Warsaw University of Technology Business School. He was also member of the team working on designing and implementing curriculum of modern and innovative leadership program (both undergraduate and graduate) within University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.

Currently he teaches leadership at the Akademia Firm Rodzinnych – a program run by SWPS University in Wrocław

Michał closely cooperates with Family Business Institute in Poland and regularly participates in Institute organized events as a panelist and lecturer as well as contributor to “Family Business” a quarterly journal published by the Institute.

He writes about leadership – his articles were featured in publications like “Pani”, “Newsweek Psychologia” and “Family Business”.

Michał is certified practitioner of The Kets de Vries Institute Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM®), Insights Discovery and Daniel Ofman’s Core Quadrant method. He is an active member of Eightwell – an international network of independent advisers providing dedicated support to senior leaders and businesses.


Ronen Koehler is a consultant and executive with substantial human resources, business, and operational experience and a strong academic background. He is the former Global Head of People at Check Point Software Technologies ( and Outbrain ( Ronen has extensive executive experience in software, technology, and overall leadership and personnel management. He is a seasoned organizational consultant. Ronen played a significant part in the high growth of global technology companies. He is an ocean sailor and former Submarine Captain. His main consulting areas are working with CEOs and entrepreneurs, around the organizational challenges that come with very high paced growth. 


Denis Kulikov is an organisational consultant, executive-coach and psychologist. Works with top-managers and teams in corporate and private business dealing mainly with leadership, conflicts, effective communication and change management.


He is an associate consultant at Ward Howell, Business Speech, Moscow Government University, RANEPA. He’s also an executive-coach on EMBA Leadership program at Moscow School of Management ‘SKOLKOVO’ and a guest-speaker at Higher School of Economics.


Denis has a 15 year’s experience in risk management and insurance in aviation, including accidents investigations. Currently working closely with Russian aviation market on implementation of psychodynamic and systemic approach in treating human factor risk management.


He holds an MA in Business Psychology (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) and studied at Tavistock and Portman (D10 course). He’s certified Wingwave-coach and is a member of ISPSO and Association of Psychoanalytic Coaching and Business Consulting. Denis regularly takes part in Group relation conferences worldwide.


Lauren Spatig, PhD, brings 25 years of organization development experience across multiple industries including Technology, P&C Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare.  Currently, Lauren serves as the Senior Manager of Global Talent and Leadership Development at Unisys Corporation, a Fortune 500 technology solutions company with 22,000 employees and 1,400 leaders.  

In this role, Lauren leads a team to design, deliver, and assess development programs and tools aimed at increasing leadership and organization effectiveness.  The includes a mix of targeted leadership  programs for senior executives, as well as first and mid-level leaders; including development programs, 360 degree and personality type assessments, engagement and pulse surveys, mentoring, and organization performance management and feedback processes.  Lauren actively partners with key stakeholders across the organization for impactful and integrated programming, including HR Business Partners, DE&I and Learning & Development, as well as Global Strategy and the Senior Leadership Team.  

On a mission to create an environment that lifts organization performance and engagement, Lauren enjoys working with leaders in cohorts and individually to build leadership capability across the system. Through her targeted leadership programs, she focuses on shared purpose, strategy, goal setting, trust, emotional intelligence, communication, feedback, and leading change.  Lauren particularly enjoys consulting with leaders to build their vision and mission statements that tie to the organization purpose.  In addition, Lauren consults across the enterprise on targeted Regional and Business Unit programs.

Prior to Unisys, Lauren has lead enterprise learning and development, internal communications, change management, as well as onboarding.  She’s taken up leadership roles in large, publicly held organizations, including Allstate Insurance Company and Unisys, as well as medium-sized, private equity owned companies, such as Therakos Ltd. and Pentec Health.   Lauren has also taught Leading Groups and Teams as a part-time adjunct professor in the Masters of Leadership Program at Cabrini University, and Organizational Behavior at Molloy College. 

Lauren attained her PhD and MA in Organization Development from Fielding Graduate University.  She holds an MBA from University of Illinois at Chicago, and a BS in Finance from Virginia Tech.   


Beverly J. Stoute, M.D., a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst and Executive Coach, serves as a Co-Chair of the Holmes Commission on Racial Equality of the American Psychoanalytic Association (ApsaA). She is an elected Director-at-large of the Board of Directors of APsaA, an appointed member of APsaA’s Executive Committee, and the immediate past president of the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society. Dr. Stoute serves as a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute; as a Child and Adolescent Supervising Analyst of The New York Psychoanalytic Institute and on the faculties of multiple psychoanalytic training programs including the adjunct faculties of the Emory University School of Medicine, the Morehouse School of Medicine, the Advisory Council of the Harlem Family Institute and, formerly, the Leadership Program of the Goizueta Business School of Emory University.


As an internationally recognized psychoanalytic speaker, author, educator and clinician, she has received awards and honors in several areas. She has special expertise in the development of race awareness, racial ethnic socialization, and implicit bias. She is widely published and serves on the editorial board of several peer review journals. As a consultant, she is recognized for her work on issues of diversity in psychoanalytic education and organization.


With experience as a training analyst, teacher and consultant at geographically dispersed psychoanalytic institutes, Dr. Stoute has a broad and nuanced knowledge of institute structure, purpose, process and dynamics.  She is informed about clinician education and training across-the-board and her publications on the history of racial dynamics in psychoanalytic practice and the developmental aspects of implicit bias are primary reading in training programs throughout the country.


Her reputation on issues of diversity in psychoanalytic education has led students from all regions and of all races, ethnicities and ages to seek her out as supervisor, teacher and mentor.  As a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and executive coach in New York and Atlanta with over 25 years of private practice experience, she has a wide knowledgeable base of institutional process and is flexible accommodating to varying organizational environments and leadership styles.


Jeremy Vine is an organizational consultant. His interest in the application of psychoanalytic theory in a work setting stems from a background of assisting people with workplace issues and mental health problems in the media industry, as well as postgraduate psychodynamics training at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust (Tavistock Clinic) in London. His organizational work in psychodynamic consultancy is based on Tavistock methodology.


Jeremy has worked for more than 30 years in the media industry with national newspapers and broadcasting companies in the UK and Southeast Asia. His interests in organizational psychodynamics are broad, but he has a special interest in workplace trauma. His work focuses on underlying dynamics, to help individuals and groups understand what lies beneath conscious thought.


Jeremy’s professional qualifications are a Masters (MA) in Psychodynamic and Systemic Approaches to Consulting and Leading in Organizations (Tavistock/University of Essex), as well as a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and psychodynamic counseling diplomas from Birkbeck, University of London. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA), and a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO) and the Organization for Promoting Understanding of Society (OPUS). 


Sonja Ware is an ACC certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Coach Trainer for the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA), and an ELCA certified Level 1 and Level 2 Coach (Discipleship / Mission Developer; Congregational Vitality). She has experience in coaching individuals as well as groups, focusing on leadership coaching and organizational consulting for nonprofit and volunteer organizations. She currently is engaged with several clients throughout the United States.


Sonja Ware is a full-time pastor on the roster of the ELCA, as she works with an urban congregation in Reading PA and three partner congregations while facilitating a four church merger. Sonja's ministry focus is working with congregations that are in transition, feel stuck in any way, or experience conflict, and offering congregants a process to discover their unique purpose in a drastically changing society.


Sonja Ware has been receiving extensive training in Psychodynamic Theory at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia (PCOP), where she is an Academic Candidate in the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program since 2017.

Sonja has completed a Balint Group Leadership Training Intensive with the American Balint Society and currently co-leads Balint Groups at PCOP every year. She also has training in Intentional Interim Ministry.


Sonja holds a Master of Theology Degree from the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany, after studying Protestant Theology in Mainz and Munich, Germany, and a Master of Divinity Degree from the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN) in Herborn, Germany.


Sonja grew up in Germany and has been living in the US for 16 years. She lives near Reading, PA with her spouse Michael, a native Pennsylvanian, and their 13 year old daughter. In her free time, Sonja enjoys learning Spanish, traveling, discovering different places, cultures, and religions, geocaching, playing mini-golf with her family, movies, hiking with her two dogs, and reading.


Nicole Wreford-Howard supports executives and their teams reflect leadership, organizational  dynamics and development strategies.

Nicola began her career as a organizational psychologist / change management consultant for an international consultancy firm, later she developed and led the European eBusiness Strategy & Change Management consultancy group for a multinational technology company. She has consulted to a range of organizations in Finance, Legal, Pharma, Energy, Technology, Government, NGO’s & Start-ups and has lectured at business schools in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. 

With her innovation@work network she supports clients explore future scenarios and sustain creative collaboration cultures to align and thrive in complex business eco-systems. Her approach to organizational innovation and transformation draws on her curiosity and experience in systems-psychodynamics and process design for common sense and purpose.

Nicola currently serves as a board member of ISPSO, the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, on the board of directors of the  Centre for Social Dreaming, is a member of OPUS - Organisation for promoting understanding in Society, an associate of ANC - analytic network coaching  and of  Eco-Leadership Institute

Originally from London, Nicola has lived  Frankfurt, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, The Hague, New Orleans and Houston. She currently lives near The Hague, NL  with her teenage daughter, dog and cat. 


Wim De Keyser is a consultant and coach and works with individuals, teams and organizations on leadership, cultural and behavioral change. Wim’s work focuses mainly on Organization Development and transformation, executive team development, executive coaching and the human transitional aspect of change.

His work includes developing and facilitating leadership development interventions, culture programs, group- and personal coaching as well as consulting in the context of strategy development & implementation, and business transformation.

Wim works with executive leaders in a large variety of organizations, small start-ups to multinational companies, in all sectors, profit and non-profit. He’s an adjunct with Ashridge executive education (Hult Business School, UK), and an associate with a number of business schools across EU (Vlerick (B), TIAS (B), IE (ES)).

He is the founder of the Belgian Coaching Institute, with a focus on coaching, group coaching, supervision and mentoring training and research.

Wim is also specialized in supporting family businesses, both from a family as a business planning perspective.

Before becoming a consultant and coach, Wim was an HR executive in several multinational companies such as Pioneer and Cargill.

Wim is a registered psychologist, with a Masters in Occupational Psychology, an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change (INSEAD) and he’s finishing a Masters in Executive coaching (Ashridge).

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